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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Thu Apr 6 15:20:08 UTC 2000

Duane Dagen wrote:
> I was hoping to reach someone in marketing at KDevelop in regards to the
> article which ran in InfoWorld. 
Right place right time ;-)

The article ran on page 88 of the 4/3/2000
> issue. It is my responsibility to make sure you have seen the article and
> find out if there is an interest in reprints or www usage of the editorial.
> Please email me at ddagen at rmsreprints or phone me at 717-399-1900 x119.
I´ve made a search on and I think you mean that article
from Nicholas Petreley, is that right ?
We´ll add a link to the editorial at our webpage, sending a reprint
would be nice as well although it doesn´t cover KDevelop much ;-)


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