Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Thu Apr 6 12:07:34 UTC 2000

Hi there,

this is just for information: If anyone of the students (at least the
germans) working on KDevelop is short on money and has to take another
job besides his studies to keep on living, we have now contacts that
allows you to work on KDevelop and get paid WHILE THE SOURCE REMAINS

We can arrange that via SuSE (at least I hope that they would be
cooperative on part-time development) and now via Siemens (where you may
have to spend a *very* little time on FE simulations as well)

So if anyone is or comes into such a situation, just mail me and I´ll
get you in contact.


Ralf Nolden

Ardennenstr. 41 
52355 Düren

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