Bug#2035: Bug #2035

Anders Dahlqvist dahlqvist at sundsvall.mail.telia.com
Sat Sep 25 19:43:18 UTC 1999

The same applies to KDevelop 1.0 Beta 3, which I just downloaded and built.
I've tried to disable the default hotkeys for "find", but it won't happen - it
is impossible to check any then the default radio-button (maybe that is a bug as
well) . This is a serious problem for Swedish users, since we are talking about
11 % of our alphabet. ("Hello world!" is "Hallå världen!" in Swedish and "foo"
coulf be "föö" or "fää" or "fåå").
Note that the problem only occurs when typing lowercase letters -Å,Ä and Ö
work fine.
This could be a problem for danish, norwegian, german, finnish, hungarian and
turkish users as well.
Otherwise - thanks for a program that has got the possibility to be really
excellent, but unfortunately I have to stick with Xemacs and Nedit (none of
them is bad ) for the time being.
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