KDevelop bug

Eric Kasten kasten at nscl.msu.edu
Thu Sep 23 18:16:08 UTC 1999


I'd let you know about a little bug.  In kdevelop/vc/cvsdialog.cpp,
a KShellProcess is created with a NULL shell.  The problem with this
is that KShellProcess "tries very hard to find a working shell", starting
with the SHELL env variable and working it's way from there.  The
cvs commit command is written as a /bin/sh type command which doesn't
work very well if passed to /bin/csh or /bin/tcsh or ...  You may want
to create the KShellProcess specifing that /bin/sh is the shell to be used.



Eric Kasten
kasten at nscl.msu.edu
National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab
(517) 333-6412

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