Bug#1997: caption text in classview [12:16,19.09.99]

N. Weuster weuster at etecs6.uni-duisburg.de
Sun Sep 19 10:22:08 UTC 1999

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.0beta2
Severity: normal

Bugreport ID : 12:16,19.09.99

Originator	: Weuster, Norbert
E-Mail	: weuster at etecs6.uni-duisburg.de

Subject : caption text in classview

Error Class	: software bug
Error Location: classview / tool
Priority	: low
Bug Description ---------------------------

errors in german text, specially in the caption

How to repeat the error -------------------

change to german language

Bugfix or Workaround ----------------------

System Information ------------------------

KDevelop version	: 1.0beta2
KDE version		: KDE-1.1.1
QT version		: Qt-1.44
OS/Distribution	: S.u.S.E.-6.1
Compiler		: egcs-2.91.60

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