Bug#1908: Detail on Bug

1. Entwickler AOtto at t-online.de
Fri Sep 10 10:45:17 UTC 1999


1. Select Code in the <C/C++ Files> Tab
2. Copy <Ctrl c>
3. Open the <messages> Tab folder with <Ctrl b>
4. Select Code from the last <make> call with <Ctrl c>
5. Open the Bug Window <Help->Bug Report>
6. Tab <Problem description> Cursor in <Bug description>
7. Insert <Ctrl v>
8. You´ll see the code from the <C/C++ Files> Tab and
   !! NOT !! the Code from the <messages> Tab folder.


During selection of code in the <messages> Tab folder
i hear a PIEP => perhaps the programm try to jump to an not existing


aotto :-)

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