problem to make

thierry grauss tgrauss at
Sun Oct 31 15:30:58 UTC 1999

Dear Kdevelop-team,
my name is GRAUSS Thierry. I am a french student at Coventry 
University (UK). I use Kdevelop 0.3.1 (provided with my suse 6.1) for 
my final year project, but when I want to make the program after the 
compilation, the system writes that it is no rule target for "make".
When I builded some programs on my old redhat 5.1, I had not problems.
(I have never compiled with my suse (./configure, make, make install, 
make clean), because when I compiled kmplot on the suse, many errors 
come, but with my redhat I had no problem to compile kmplot).
(I use Kdevelop on my own PC (A pentium 90), not on the university's 
PC, and in the UK I have not internet in my room-->it is not easy to 
download the new release on a floppy... :-( ).

I hope that you will answer me soon, and thank you for your answer in 

Thierry  < tgrauss at , or tily79 at -->my email 
address in France >

PS : sorry for my poor english, I am french and my german is worse.

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