MDI version in the CVS

Sandy Meier smeier at
Mon Oct 25 20:44:13 UTC 1999


As the subject says I commited the first experimental MDI version to the CVS.
Please consider that many methods doesn't work at the moment (for instance
slotFileSaveAll, slotFileCloseAll,Tools ....) . I will hopefully fix this in
the next days.


Some infos about the new structure in CKDevelop:

-the "slotSTabSelected(int item)" equivalent is "CKDevelop::slotMDIGetFocus(
QextMdiChildView* item)"

- the "s_tab_view" equivalent is "mdi_main_frame" (instance of "QextMdiMainFrm")

- "cpp_widget", "header_widget" and "edit_widget" are gone (rest in peace :-)) 
"editor_view" and "editor_view->editor" are the champions now

P.P.S: don't forget to look at the new "window menu", it's nice :-)

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