KDevelop 1.0 release schedule

Sandy Meier smeier at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Nov 25 14:55:32 UTC 1999


The release date comes closer so I send an update of our schedule. Please read
it carefully. As far as I know there are 2 things that should be fixed until
-Printing (doesn't work with new a2ps, but Stefan works on that)
-some bugfixes to the classparser so it doesn't crash on namespaces anymore.
Walter and Jonas works on that, but don't forget to commit it. :-)

Mon 29 Nov 1999
	* freeze sourcecode (all) and translations (Martin)
	* generate all html files from *.sgml ( Martin?, Ralf ?)

Tu 30 Nov 1999
	* source distribution of KDevelop (Sandy)

Th 30 Nov-2 Dec 1999
	* source distribution of KDK (Walter)
	* press release for KDevelop and KDK (Ralf?), I think we should take the old one 
	with the updates from Christian Kirsch

2-5 Dec 1999 
	* binary versions (KDevelop, KDK) SuSE (Matthias?), RedHat (Troy?),
	FreeBSD (Andreas?), Debian (Bernd?), Slackware (Martin?), Mandrake (?)

Mo 6.Dec 1999
	* release KDevelop 1.0 and KDK 1.0
 	* release of the new homepage (Stefan B.)


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