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The next answer from Joshua! Sounds good. :-)

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Subject: Re: Developing With KDE Book
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 18:59:05 -0800 (PST)
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Although not quite set it stone this is the scenario that I see. Please
tell me your thoughts on it.

LinuxPorts.Com will be releasing a book on developing with Linux the
KDE/QT edition. This book will contain Kdevelop, QT, and all documentation
from both projects.

The book will probably be released under the OpenDocs Press name and the
forward will be written by myself. What I would like to do is this.

For every Developing with Linux KDE/QT edition sold, the Kdevelop project
will receive 1.00 US. If you place banners or links to the area where
you can purchase the book you will receive an additional 1.00 for every
book sold from that link. E.g., 1.00 if we sell it, 2.00 if you sell it.

What I would need from you is this, a place to send the money and all
documentation that you have in SGML format (preferably). I can deal with
TEX if you send me the styles that you are using.

I expect this book to be printed by Mid Jan-2000 so the sooner we
communicate these issues the better :)

Joshua Drake
Webmaster LinuxPorts.Com
Webmaster Linux Documentation Project

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