LinCVS as CVS plugin

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Fri Nov 19 20:03:04 UTC 1999

>Bernd - Does (will?) the canossa style plugin code supercede the embryo plugin
>code that's already in Kdevelop2?

Mmh, plugins are Sandy's baby (or embryo, to use your words ;-)

What I am thinking of in the long run is a DCOP interface for communicating
with the world outside of KDevelop, e. g. also for KUML. Basically one would
certainly want to have a document interface like the one in KSpread (i. e.
for creating editors, getting an editor list and so on. A createEditor()
function would return a reference to a object which is an interface to
KWriteDoc (or a class derived from it). With this interface, one can insert
text into a file, search, replace and so on. Furthermore, one would need
an interface to the project management in order to add files, recreate
Makefiles etc.

With DCOP, one also gets scripting for free. KScript can talk to DCOP 
objects directly, and other languages can either use a wrapper around
libDCOP or use kxmlrpc. With the latter, you can even use bash as a
scripting language ;-) Mmh, I could even imagine that one controls the
debugger via scripting. Don't know if that's useful, but it sounds
cool :-)


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