new website proposal !!!

Stefan Heidrich - DI sheidric at
Wed Nov 10 12:34:35 UTC 1999

On Tue, 09 Nov 1999, you wrote:
>As you know the 1.0final is coming closer and the current webpage is very
>old. I think these are enough reasons for a complete new homepage. :-)
>At the moment we have 2 proposals:
>-one from Olle<linuxlc at>
> , sorry, but I
>haven't more information at the moment 
I don't like this one. Argh!

>-and another one is a homepage similar to
>, this homepage will be themeable (with
>CSS) like or for instance the windowmanager enlightenment.
>Please visit it with a CSS supported browser. 
So,  my choice is this one :-)

>So, it's your descision which design we will take. But please vote, so this will
>be a fair poll. 

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