strange ChangeLog entries? + commitdialog.h

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Fri Jul 23 12:16:06 UTC 1999

> > ... and sometimes the cvs logs don't match the ChangeLog entries.
> > Meanwhile I understand why the Orbit people don't have a ChangeLog 
> > and instead use rcs2log ;-)
> Hmm.. I haven't bothered to give the same comment. I didn't know we had that
> agreement. Oh well. I'll start now then. :-)

Well, I didn't imply that such an agreement exists. In fact, I
think that making consistent change log entries is not trivial.
If rcs2log wouldn't put such a high load onto the server, I
would suggest to forget about change logs altogether, put as
things are, they are the best source for being informed about
what's going on.

Other topic: Mea culpa for forgetting to commit a file. I'll
be able to fix that this evening. If you want to compile 
KDevelop in the meantime, comment out the #include in cvs.cpp
and about two lines where CommitDialog is instantiated and used.


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