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Sandy Meier smeier at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Apr 8 10:30:48 UTC 1999

And yet other user that requested this feature. :-)

I have uploaded the gifs to 

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Subject: Wanted Functionality
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 15:48:03 +0200
From: Peter Bystrom <peter.bystrom at bibl.oru.se>

I've just downloaded Kdevelop; I've never actually done any larger
projects in linux, much less X-Win. However I'm familiar with C++ but in
the MS NT 4.0 system with "MS VS 6.0 ent. ed." as programming shell..

It would be tempting to make projects for KDE using Kdevelop as the
programming environment. It got all the nice features VS got, and got a
much simpler GUI. Ahh.. you say so why not switch? mmmm..
very tempting, I will probably do that anyhow, but I will miss one thing
that I noticed right away.

I guess you have used VS 6.0? When you access a class, it would
be nice to get a small popup window telling me what members that class
got. It should be clickable, if I don't wish to write that lengthy
member name, and as soon as I've finished writing the members name the
popup window will disappear... convenient huh?

if accessing a member like ptrDcontent->member( .. the popup window
would become visible when I entered the ">", and would disappear as
quickly when the first '(' gets entered; in its place a new popup window
will be visible, showing me what parameters that function takes ( if
more than one member exists of the same name ( overloading etc. ) they
would all be viewed but at different lines.. or some such.

this should be true for functions, structs types etc as well...

It would reduce time spent debuging with hours...

some examples...

datacontainer* ptrDcontent = new class datacontainer( ... );
// in this example I would be presented with some lines telling me
// the different initializers and params for that class when I hit the
first "("..

if( ptrDcontent == NULL ){
	// error

ptrDcontent->member_data = 14.7;
// in this case I would see all the members when I write the "->" sign,
in VS you wouldn't see what
// _type_ of member data it is, since it's not a member function.
// it would be nice if that was the case,,,

The data displayed is taken from the .h files of a project + the _this_
cpp file; a minor database is built from that and it's the contents of
that database that is viewed.

a picture tells more than a thousand words... so here it comes, two
tiny snapshots I made.

mail me if you have any questions or some such...

Best Regards,

Peter Byström
peter.bystrom at bibl.oru.se

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