Why does kmail insist on having ldap available?

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at kde.org
Mon Jul 29 09:41:03 BST 2019

On Thursday, 25 July 2019 11:26:50 CEST Peter Humphrey wrote:
> I've just noticed my Gentoo system updating openldap and looked into what
> needed it. All dependencies were conditional except for kldap, which
> requires it. Then I found that six KDE apps insist on kdap and thus
> openldap.
> My question: why is ldap not optional? What proportion of user installations
> actually use it?

As far as I can see LDAP is used by Kleopatra (to lookup GPG keys in LDAP 
directory), email address autocompletion in KMail composer and in KOrganizer 
incidence editor to look up attendees in LDAP directory (there's probably 
more, I just quickly grepped the codebase).  I'm not sure about Kleopatra, but 
in case of the autocompletion and incidence editor the LDAP integration could 
be turned into proper optional plugins, but let's face it: we have bigger 
issues right now :-)

Any help with this effort would be much welcomed, though, I'd be happy to 
guide/help with this task, if anyone's interested.


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