"lost+found" mail folder?

Mathias Homann Mathias.Homann at opensuse.org
Wed Jul 17 09:23:46 BST 2019

Hi there,

suddenly kmail shows a "lost+found" mail account, marked as "offline".

How can I set that to online so I can actually do something with all the old mails 

screenshot: https://gyazo.com/8cc60209de45e5f39c20f1f00e324e03[1] 

the timestamp on the subfolder is when I ran akonadictl fsck which must have 
created this thing.


gpg key fingerprint: 8029 2240 F4DD 7776 E7D2  C042 6B8E 029E 13F2 C102

[1] https://gyazo.com/8cc60209de45e5f39c20f1f00e324e03
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