Paul Vixie paul at
Mon Jul 1 23:06:17 BST 2019

On Monday, 1 July 2019 21:56:36 UTC Anders Lund wrote:
> Are there any plans to change KMail so that when I click an item in the
> header list, KMail would then display that mail, instead of ask me to wait?
> :o

i have control+shift+space bound to the "go online" function, so that whenever 
kontact freezes while downloading the headers from a folder, i can chord twice 
and un-wedge it.

apparently my imap server (kolabsys) has a very short idle timer, and akonadi 
doesn't automatically reopen the connection when i try to access one of that 
server's folders.

once in a while i have to killall kontact, akonadictl stop, and re-launch. but 
only once or twice a day.

this is sooooo much better than when i used mysql instead of pgsql, that i 
hesitate to complain about it.


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