Missing personal calendar

Jörg Schaible joerg.schaible at gmx.de
Wed Aug 21 20:02:43 BST 2019

Hi Martin,

Am Mittwoch, 21. August 2019, 08:56:42 CEST schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Hi Jörg.

> Quite an procedure.
> Congrats, Jörg.
> I'd consider a one file an event icaldir resource still. In Akonadi it is
> listed as "Ical calender folder". However I do not remember *how* I
> migrated the calendar items. I bet I somehow managed to let it move all
> events to the new calendar or, probably more likely, I let is import the
> old ics file.

I think export / import would work ...

> My calendar folder looks like this:
> […]:~/.local/share> find calendar -name "*-*-*-*-*" | wc -l
> 1266
> […]:~/.local/share> du -sh calendar
> 28M     calendar
> I would not like to have this as a single file that is rewritten all the
> time.

... and I would have done so if I ever managed to get a working icaldir 
resource with my current version. As said, in my installation it does neither 
create the target directory after setting the resource up, nor is ever 
something written to disk, if I create new dates or tasks. Anything stays in 
the akonadi cache (i.e. the DB) until the next flush of the cache :-/

At least the ical resource works now. Having one big file is better than 
nothing persistent.

> > An interesting detail: When I looked with akonadiconsole at the
> > location of the calendar resource available in step 8, it referenced
> > the ical file that was not touched anymore since 18th December last
> > year. The reference used a file URL starting with "file:///home/...".
> > The new ical resource generated in step 18 uses a file URL starting
> > with "file:/home/..." (note the slashes after the protocol).
> Not sure whether this is a difference regarding works or does not work.

It's just an observation and together with the update is too much coincidence 
for this bad behavior.


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