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Wed Aug 21 18:06:01 BST 2019

Hi Peter,

On Mittwoch, 21. August 2019 17:51:01 CEST Peter Humphrey wrote:
> Hello list,
> Is this the proper place to point out any oddities I may find in trying to
> make sense of KMail code? Some questions will no doubt be newbie grade,
> becuase I've never looked at C++ before. I've extracted and configured the
> source under ~/projects/myKmail/kmail-19.04.3.

The proper place for questions concerning the development of KMail is the kde-
pim mailing list (

> The first thing I've noticed is that the file kmail-19.04.3/po/en_GB/
> akonadi_mailfilteragent.po contains lots of four-line stanzas like this:
> #: filterlogdialog.cpp:102
> #, kde-format
> msgid "Share..."
> msgstr "Share..."
> But one of them has an extra line:
> #. i18n( "" ) );
> #: filterlogdialog.cpp:136
> #, kde-format
> msgid "Log filter &rule evaluation"
> msgstr "Log filter &rule evaluation"
> First, what does the i18n line do, and second, why does it have an extra
> closing bracket? Could anything go wrong because of this?

Having said the above, you shouldn't worry about the .po files. They are 
automatically generated from the source code and then translated by our 
translators usually using nice UI tools (I suppose).

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