Missing personal calendar

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Aug 19 09:17:47 BST 2019

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Jörg Schaible - 19.08.19, 01:07:53 CEST:
> > I had the feeling that this way they'd be more robust than
> > with a single file. I currently do not remember having had any issue
> > with that, so I bet it works quite stable.
> > 
> > However as the resources that use a single file usually keep
> > backups, you may still find your data.
> Where? I have in my complete home definitely only 4 .ics files. Three
> in .local/ share/kalarm and one in .local/share/korganizer. The
> latter one is the newest with a date from 18th December last year.
> However, this is the same also in the backups from last month and I
> had definitely my current dates and tasks 3 days ago.

Do you have the old Akonadi configuration in your backup?

Then you can look in your backup in "~/.config/akonadi_ical*rc" where the 
file was.

> Even more wondrous - if I create a new ical/dir calendar and enter a
> new (absolute) directory for the calendar somewhere in my home, the
> directory is not created .. even if I add a task. Where is this data
> kept? Funny enough, I can export this (non-existing) calendar to an
> ics file.

Akonadi is a cache – well mostly so. It can take a while until it stores 
the new calender. You need to create an event and wait a while for the 
directory and then the event file to be created. A reason for why it 
stores a new PIM item internally first would be an unavailable IMAP 
server. So it can try to replay the change to the IMAP server later. 
However… AFAIK it does not try again when it failed before. That is a 
limitation of the current ChangeRecorder which Daniel Vrátil intends to 
fix. That would be the item without RID thing.


Akonadi misconception #1: where is my data? 


Also review this:

Akonadi FAQ


> I am really tempted to restore my database ... (I am using external
> MySQL).

Well AFAIK the configuration for calender or contact resource is in the 
files I mentioned about, not in the database.

I never had it that a resource disappeared completely out of a sudden, 
so I do not have a clue what was going on on your system.

Please look where you can go with this. I believe there is not much I 
can add to what I already wrote. AFAIR there is a post by Daniel Vrátil 
in this list where he explained it all in a lot more depth. Quite some 
time ago tough.

There is also a quite in-depth wiki page with a document from him about 
Akonadi concepts. However… I looked and again I did not find it. The KDE 
Wiki situation is quite a mess. Come of it is in Community wiki some in 
Techbase and it is not obvious what goes where. However some people like 
to work on this, as far as I read.


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