All local folders lost in KMail

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Fri Aug 16 15:50:34 BST 2019

Thomas Tanghus - 16.08.19, 16:36:14 CEST:
> On Friday, 16 August 2019 15.59.43 CEST Maurice wrote:
> > On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 14:50:18 +0100, Peter Humphrey wrote:
> > > On my box, KMail is just too fragile, and I don't know why.
> > 
> > Kmail has been through a turgid time, especially in KDE4, at which
> > time I gave up and migrated to Thunderbird, although its GUI is in
> > some respects nowhere near as good as Kmail.
> > 
> > But I have also been monitoring Kmail (V. 5.11.0), and currently it
> > seems to
> > be quite reliable here on Mageia-7.
> A couple of years ago, I also had to switch from KMail to Thunderbird,
> after having used KMail since; well when it was released, and
> probably before any 1.0 release. It's so good to be back to what
> seems like a reasonably stable MUA. But I keep my fingers crossed and
> knock on wood each day ;)

Nice to see you back.

That is one thing: I never found a mail client that suited me better 
than KMail.

Evolution with Evolution EWS for Office 365 at work comes close. And at 
least as for KDEPIM/Akonadi 18.04 as currently packaged in Debian it 
works much better than KMail with Akonadi EWS, much more reliable. But 
Akonadi EWS resource was just introduced at that time and may have 
become much more reliable meanwhile. (I personally would not have chosen 
to migrate mail at work to Office 365, but it was not my decision.)

I hope to see a new version of KDEPIM/Akonadi in Debian Sid soon… 
however it may still take quite some time as its basically almost a one-
man job at the moment as far as I understand.

So for anyone how cannot really use KDEPIM/Akonadi for whatever reason 
at the moment, I'd recommend having a look at Evolution as a temporary 
solution. It has its own set of quirks and limitations, but generally 
works very reliable as far as I have seen.


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