PIM4, GMail and IPv6

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 10:31:45 BST 2019


I know KDE PIM4 is no longer supported but can anyone tell me if problems are to be suspected when using GMail over IPv6?

I just had a 2nd run-in with that where all of a sudden I was getting connection drops, constant socket timeouts when trying to send email and even the gmail web interface was subject to timeouts while all other services (including other emails, like the one I have @vivaldi.net) seemed to work just fine. A reboot solved nothing.

No problems on my iPhone nor on my wife's Win10 computer. In the end I disabled IPv6 on the DSL modem and that brought back normal operation.

I had to do this once before, months ago, and then reactivated IPv6 at some point, I forget for what reason (hopefully just to test the waters). Seeing `telnet smtp.gmail.com 465` attempting and failing to connect to an IPv6 address was the hint I needed to try the modem workaround...

Not PIM related, but is there a simple way to force the use of IPv4 for anything Google related while allowing it otherwise?


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