Kmail where to change width of column in folder view

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Sat Apr 20 22:09:02 BST 2019

On Samstag, 20. April 2019 12:52:18 CEST Günter Lichtenberg wrote:
> I somehow managed to produce a very wide "Total" column in the folder view,
> so that I cannot see it together with the folder names.
> Where is this width stored? I am aware of the *rc files, but I cannot find
> the correct file or property to set the total column width  to a reasonable
> size again.

I think you are looking for


in kmail2rc. HeaderState isn't a human-readable value. So, I suggest to simply 
remove it entirely (while KMail is not running). After restarting KMail the 
header of the folder view should be back to its initial state.


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