Not all that much better with PostgreSQL

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Fri Apr 12 20:57:21 BST 2019

Erik Quaeghebeur - 12.04.19, 21:00:
> On vrijdag 12 april 2019 20:55:41 CEST, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> > I agree that akonadi has a long-standing dire need for job
> > manager interface […] a big button to stop all
> > processing, and buttons for each individual job to stop or pause
> > it. […]
> Akonadiconsole has something a bit like that: Right-click an
> agent/resource and select ‘Abort activity’. It has actually come in
> handy once or twice for me, even though it is not fine-grained.

Thanks for the hint.

KMail often also has this when you expand progress indicator bar. Just I 
found it often to have no effect whatsoever.

Well… after that longer lasting indexing completed, it is still 
considerably better with PostgreSQL. So I am happy I changed.

I have the impression it can do more in parallel. I was able to delete a 
mail while filtering was ongoing. That did not work before. I read in a 
article about improvements in just released major PostgreSQL version 
that PostgreSQL can do some queries in parallel that MariaDB/MySQL would 
so sequentially. So this may help.

It just seems longer lasting indexing operations still seems to 
completely stall Akonadi.


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