Not all that much better with PostgreSQL

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Apr 12 19:55:41 BST 2019

On Friday April 12 2019 20:11:09 Martin Steigerwald wrote:


>filtering a few mails on it, anyway? I'd like to be able to tell Akonadi: 
>You are the only one accessing that Maildir folder structure.

You know that, but akonadi has no way of knowing it (esp. if you're using an external db server that other apps could connect to too).

I agree that akonadi has a long-standing dire need for job manager interface a la the activity window that Apple's has or used to have; something with a big button to stop all processing, and buttons for each individual job to stop or pause it. (Where a job is something that could be a collaboration between several agents; there's probably little point in continuing a filter job after you cancel the fetch that feeds it.)

>Akonadi still does a huge ton of completely needless work causing a lot 
>of additional wear to flash based media while doing so.

This does remind me a bit of KDevelop's scanner/parser, which by default will do a "quick" scan through all files belonging to that project you just opened, even if all that parsing data is already cached. In that case the scan will take a *lot* longer if there's no such cached data; maybe that's true for akonadi too?


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