Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

Paul Vixie paul at
Sun Apr 7 20:41:16 BST 2019

On Sunday, 7 April 2019 09:24:45 UTC René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Sunday April 07 2019 09:41:17 Ianseeks wrote:
> >> I've read a lot of switching from MySQL to MariDB or PostgreSQL or vica
> >> versa or …
> >> 
> >> But: How to do that?
> >
> >This might help 
> >
> Does this still mean you have to recreate all your accounts, or redo all
> folder-specific settings you may have configured? IIRC those used to be
> stored in the db and not in independent settings files?

you lose designation of your favorites, your sents, your templates, and your 
drafts. however, when i used mysql and later mariadb, i lost all of these 
twice a week when i blew away the database and let akonadi rebuild it. now 
with postgres i only lose these every two weeks. so, an improvement.

if there's a stress test kit for akonadi i'd like to see it, and add test 


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