Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Apr 4 19:26:48 BST 2019

On Thursday April 04 2019 17:48:56 Anders Lund wrote:
>1. Dialog appears. Click or press ESC, dialog moves to systray
>2. Click systray icon to show dialog
>3. Click close.

I just tried

%> kate &
%> killall -SEGV kate

My Plasma4 desktop shows an alert with a "Report bug" button that does nothing. 1 click on the beetle icon in the systray, and then hit Escape and DrKonqi exits. On a non-Plasma desktop DrKonqi will appear, and still exits when I hit Escape. So that's at most 1 click.

It's possible that you have a later version which reacts differently to Escape (mine is built from git master of Dec. 6th 2018). Easy to check by hitting Escape in your step 3. If that also closes it's quicker & easier than clicking 'Close' (less eye-hand co-ordination required) ;)

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