Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Apr 4 15:04:42 BST 2019

On Thursday April 04 2019 15:35:40 Anders Lund wrote:
>torsdag den 4. april 2019 15.12.35 CEST skrev René J.V. Bertin:
>> On Thursday April 04 2019 14:32:19 Anders Lund wrote:
>> > 1.... two kbugthingy dialogs that requires 3 clicks each
>> > to get rid of
>> FWIW, DrKonqi closes with a single Escape key stroke if you don't tell it to
>> obtain a backtrace first.
>No. I press escape, and have them in the system tray.

That happens to me too, and means 1 click to get them out of there (if you can avoid them from getting into the hidden systray bits) and then 1 Escape stroke.
There should be a way to prevent DrKonqi from hiding in the systray, possibly even a global setting to disable it alltogether (for specific apps).


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