Considering to switch away from KDEPIM/Akonadi

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Thu Apr 4 13:28:15 BST 2019

I have found that postgresql provides a far more reliable kmail/akonadi installation. The most telling part is how quickly the ‘akonadi fsck’ and ‘akonadi vacuum’ complete compared to MySQL. Maybe this is a clue to some of the MySQL issues.
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> On 4 Apr 2019, at 13:10, Vojtěch Zeisek <vojtech.zeisek at> wrote:
> Hi
> Dne 4.4.2019 13:46, Martin Steigerwald napsal:
>> 1) During mail retrieval KMail sometimes just stops displaying new mails
>> coming in. It GUI is responsive, but when I click on another folder or
>> so… I just get the waiting message. These stalls, that do not happen all
>> of the time, take up to a minute or even longer.
> I watch this since this morning. It made KMail unusable right now, so using not-so-good web interface right now... I didn't do any change in configuration or upgrade. I'm using KDE PIM 18.12.
>> 2) Filtering of new mail into folders takes very long. Very long means
>> up to 5 minutes or move of sustained activity of both Akonadi and
>> MariaDB for filtering 1000-2000 new mails. That is with me even making
>> sure to remove old mails from Akonadi's maildir entirely. Most folders
>> do not have more than 30000-40000 mails, some considerable less. A few
>> have 80000-100000 mails and I have the idea to remove mails out of them
>> as well.
> I don't see such problems. I use most of filters on the IMAP server side and when I search within even large folder (well, for me up to ~10-20 000 mails), it is basically instant.
>> 3) Then I had one of the LRCONFLICTs displayed in KMail's status line
>> without even able to expand it to see what is is about. I solved it by
>> clearing Akonadi cache of incoming folder.
> Few of this issues I also saw recently. Sometimes it happened that I manually moved mail to some folder, it was moved (well, rather copied), but it stayed in the original folder. Bit annoying.
> Is there way how to clear Akonadi cache for all folders/accounts/resources in once?
>> At the same time due to introduction of Office 365 at work² I partly use
>> Evolution with EWS and I found the following:
> I use Akonadi-ews and it works perfectly. Well, if You believe Exchange could work at all. ;-)
>> 1) Evolution did not crash *once* so far.
> I don't remember when my KMail crashed last time.
>> 2) Evolution just works. For me so far, that is.
> I like Evolution, but KMail has so much more features...
>> 3) Evolution does not get stuck.
> KMail does sometimes... :-(
>> I am reluctant as akonadictl fsck reported a lot of issues the last time
>> I used it, including about items without RID. I may like to export those
>> into files before attempting a switch as Akonadi still cannot reply
>> those. And still I also do not get how a maildir resource could ever
>> fail to write out the mail into the maildir as long as the filesystem is
>> healthy.  I am also reluctant due to having to reconfigure about 100 or
>> more filter rules.
> I has been running akonadictl fsck for several hours already (! it has never happened before) and now it reports tones of messages like
> Cleaning up missing external file: /home/vojta/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data/65/617965_r0 for item: 220946 on part: 617965
> I wonder how it will look on my other computer (both running openSUSE Tumbleweed).
> I don't have much annoying issues with KMail, for me it's still the best e-mail client. I don't wish to leave it. :-)
> So big thanks to all developers.
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