An odd debug message

Peter Humphrey peter at
Thu Oct 25 09:07:52 BST 2018

Hello list,

After an akonadictl stop and start I got this on the Konsole:

Qt WebEngine seems to be initialized from a plugin. Please set 
Qt::AA_ShareOpenGLContexts using QCoreApplication::setAttribute before 
constructing QGuiApplication.

I thought this might be useful to someone - or should I report this to Gentoo?

Gentoo testing
sys-kernel/gentoo-sources 4.19.0
QT 5.11.2, KDE frameworks 5.51.0, KDE plasma 5.14.2
KMail 5.9.1 (18.08.2), akonadi 18.08.2
x11-drivers/xf86-video-amdgpu 18.1.0
dev-libs/amdgpu-pro-opencl 18.20.606296

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