blue screen of folder freeze

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 1 19:30:53 BST 2018


I may have run into a method to trigger the dreaded "retrieving folder contents" freeze situation. Below is what I did (by accident), which left me in that situation (which I rarely see nowadays). After that, Kontact (4.13) wouldn't even quit; it did that only after akonadi had been stopped (with akonadictl restart) - or rather, after *all* akonadi agents had crashed instead of exitted normally and a crash had been caught in the akonadiserver itself.

1) read an older email found via the built-in search
2) scroll the (inbox) message list back to the top
3) hit "cursor-left" thinking that would open the new message when one had popped up at the top of the list
4) held down that key when I realised the selection was on an older email, until the cursor arrived at the new message.

I'm not surprised that KMail would go bonkers because of such abuse, but then again it shouldn't, of course.



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