ghost emails, AKA unable to delete emails

E. Hakan Duran ehakanduran at
Sun Apr 29 20:06:04 BST 2018

Hi all,

I never had this problem with Kmail before. When I try to delete emails, specifically from the "All Mail" fodler of Gmail accounts, I end up with ghost emails as in the attached image.  Emails on or before 1/28/18 on the image were attempted to be deleted. These email headers are grayed out and they are not selectable, copiable, movable or deletable. It does not matter if I use the Delete key on the keyboard, or "Move to Trash" button on the toolbar, the outcome is always the same. I tried updating the All Mail folder with no change in appearance. Curiously, this is not the case for Spam and Inbox folders, the messages there are normally deleted. Do you think Kmail intuitively knows that the messages in All Mail folder of Gmail accounts may never be actually deleted ;)?

I did some searching about this before sending this email and couldn't find helpful information. I apologize if this is a well-known issue and I failed to find the answer.


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