where to submit feature request for kmail?

E. Hakan Duran ehakanduran at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:52:54 BST 2018

I actually liked the archivemail python script very much (thanks to Werner Joss!). It does what it was designed for. It connects to the IMAP server (gmail, hotmail, etc.) downloads the email according to the user-set date criteria (older than x days or older than the date of YYYY-MM-DD), deletes them form the server gracefully, therefore decreasing one's online footprint significantly (more on this later). Once the initial archiving is done, it should ideally set as a daily cron job to maintain a small online footprint. I discovered a couple of things I would like to share:

- It is a pyhton 2.7 script (not 3.6), and last update was done around 2011 I believe. Not sure how much longer it would stay functional. I wish I had the expertise to maintain it.
- Some IMAP servers (e.g. Gmail) would disconnect after 10 minutes, although archivemail is still fetching emails. To prevent that I was able to modify the script a little bit to have it reconnect to the server should disconnection occur. I was very proud of myself although it is probably an ugly solution in technical terms :). 
- Gmail IMAP is different than standard IMAP. Emails in the All Mail folder will not be deleted by archivemail with default settings. To change this behavior, one should change Gmail settings on the web interface (set auto-expunge off, and move the message to thrash upon deleting, not to All Mail), see image link (http://tinypic.com/r/168y5ft/9). Looks like google doesn't want any of our emails deleted, ever.
- As somebody already has mantioned, this is not the way for ideal privacy. I believe these emails probably have already been scanned, and there may be another copy of them saved for later, even when we think they were deleted forever. My intention is to gradually move away from Gmail, this is merely the first step of it. I am aware that Google already has gigabytes of data on me and my family. It may be impossible to completely "resect" it from our lives. Even after a success against google, there are so many other sources of concern, ISPs, cell phone providers, even VPN providers IMHO... I just want to have a humble personal stance for whatever it is worth, rather than complete surrender.

Thank you for your contribution to this thread.

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