kde-pim dev needed, for a sponsored open source effort, to remove akonadi

Gianluca Montecchi gian at grys.it
Sun Apr 15 20:28:51 BST 2018

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:24:14AM -0400, Pablo Sanchez wrote:
> [ Comments below, in-line ]
> On Sun, 15 Apr 2018 12:05:29 +0000 (UTC), Maurice wrote:
> > > I consider kmail+akonadi broken beyond repair
> > 
> > Beginning to believe that myself, having moved over to Thunderbird until
> > such time as kmail/akonadi are fixed. But I'm starting to like
> >  Tbunderbird for email...
> > 
> Hi,
> I'm a database engineer.
> Based on my analysis of the akonadi database schema, it is *not* broken.

Why did you think that I assume the Db is broken ?
I am sure that you will understant that from a user's point of
view it does not matter where, what or why there is something broken,
but that (like in my past experience) if kmail cannot retrive the mail 
message 8 out of 10 times, the user will consider it broken

As developer I can agree with you, but also in  this case I cannot (and
I don't want) to spend time trying to read a message. To me kmail (or
whatever other program used to read the mails) is a commodoty. It must
work out of the box, no need to tamper with the underlying layer or db.

I mean, if kmail and akonadi cannot handle a basic configuration like
mine (1 pop3 account, less than 20 folder and a lot less of 10.000
messages) while every other software I tried handle it like a charm,
there is some big problem...

> As previously mentioned by Martin the software layer between kmail and
> akonadi is where the problem lies.
> It is *not* broken beyond repair.

I hope. But it seems that the reality does not agree with you, since
there was not a single release of kmail+akonadi that worked like the
last kmail version without akonadi.

> Dan and Sandro (the core devs) know what is the problem and how to fix
> it.  It will take time to fix.

Which, in my experience as developer, means that the design is not good to begin
(well, not that I have a better design to share, is nor my daily job nor 
my area of interest for now)

> Some people cannot wait for the fix.  I understand.  For these folks, I
> suggest you migrate to another mail agent such as Thunderbird.

The problem is that people was using a perfectly  functioning software
and now they are not be able anymore to use it. 

Akonadi never worked as promised and at the same time it was mandatory
to use kmail.

I am sure that if the  kde-pim developer had done the transition to
akonadi more gradual and, at the beginning, optional, now we would not
be here to discuss this.


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