kde-pim dev needed, for a sponsored open source effort, to remove akonadi

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at kde.org
Sun Apr 15 18:12:38 BST 2018


> "Based on QtQuick and AkonadiNext, it uses Sink for both synchronization
> and data
> access and leverages the KDE PIM codebase where possible."
>   I culd hear alarm bells at the sight of "AkonadiNext", though!

AkonadiNext was the working name for Sink. But currently Sink has no 
intentions to replace Akonadi nor has the capacities to replace.

> Might this be the new Kmail?

Kube is a easy/small emailclient that is highly focused and optimized for one 
usecase and KMail can handle a lot of more cases and can be configured very 


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