kde-pim dev needed, for a sponsored open source effort, to remove akonadi

Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Sun Apr 15 15:24:14 BST 2018

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On Sun, 15 Apr 2018 12:05:29 +0000 (UTC), Maurice wrote:

>> I consider kmail+akonadi broken beyond repair
> Beginning to believe that myself, having moved over to Thunderbird 
> until such time as kmail/akonadi are fixed. But I'm starting to like
>  Tbunderbird for email...


I'm a database engineer.

Based on my analysis of the akonadi database schema, it is *not* broken.

As previously mentioned by Martin the software layer between kmail and
akonadi is where the problem lies.

It is *not* broken beyond repair.

Dan and Sandro (the core devs) know what is the problem and how to fix
it.  It will take time to fix.

Some people cannot wait for the fix.  I understand.  For these folks, I
suggest you migrate to another mail agent such as Thunderbird.

That's what I have done for my email needs.

As some may know, I have spare cycles to work with Dan/Sandro on the
database side of things.

Ben C has set up a VM that we are using for the dev work.  Dan/Sandro
have their dev environment set up on this box.  I have access to it to
do my database work.

We share the same Linux account so if/when I replicate a problem,
Dan/Sandro won't spend time trying to replicate it in their sandbox.

Martin has kindly provided back end email server access (and gobs of
email) for us to use.

*** Side note ***

People who lob insults and/or make snarky remarks will end up in my
/dev/null list.

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