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On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 3:01:25 AM CDT Vojtěch Zeisek wrote:
> ...
> Running e-mail server is not easy. There are many things You can do wrong. Not 
> only security, also settings and following standards.


> In KMail, if You right click to folder, You can set expiration of the folder - 
> mails older than given threshold can be deleted or moved to some other (local) 
> folder. This is probably the function You are looking for.

I agree taht this is a lot simpler solution than home email server option.

> And the most important, have You red license conditions of GMail? Do You know 
> what You agree with while using GMail? I see it completely senseless to talk 
> about e-mail privacy when using something with such a disgusting conditions as 
> GMail.

Totally true. Time to #DeleteGmail :).

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 7:39:50 AM CDT Ian Douglas wrote:
> Rest assured they've all been thoroughly scanned and analysed, before you get 
> to them.

Indeed, however, deleting them from the server *may* decrease their exposure to continuous/repetetive surveillance.

> So possibly you're trying to solve the wrong problem and need to look at PGP 
> or somesuch.

True, however, for that to work I need a bunch of colleagues, friends that are technologically savy enough to use PGP.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 4:19:16 AM CDT Mathias Homann wrote:
> ...
> I am running a setup that might be interesting for you...
> ...

Thank you so much for sharing your setup in such detal Mathias. I appreciate your time and effort in putting this together. It is a valuable resource and reference for me if I endup with the server option.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 7:21:29 AM CDT Volker Wysk wrote:
> ...
> Here is a good guide for what you have in mind:
> IMAPS gateway with getmail and dovecot
> I've done what you are asking for, using dovecot and getmail. Additionally, I've set up a spam filter. This is a short summary which I have posted in the getmail mailing list:
> ...

Thank you Volker for sharing your setup in such detail just like Mathias. Your recommendations about getmail and dovecot as laternatives are noted. Thank you for this great resource. I appreciate the time you spent in putting this together as well.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 2:43:19 PM CDT Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> ...
> There exist more integrated solutions, i.e., that combine such components 
> (plus more) with some installation support. For example:
> (I have no experience with installation, but it looks interesting.)

Thanks for pointing sogo out Erik. I had no idea it existed. It sure looks interesting and promising. I will look into it more closely.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 12:17:47 PM CDT Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> ...
> A simpler solution than setting up a local mail server and probably more (all 
> of which add attack vectors into your LAN) is switching your mail provider. 
> There are mail providers who (optionally) encrypt all incoming mail with your 
> OpenPGP key. This ensures that all mail stored at the mail provider can only 
> be decrypted by you, but from anywhere with any app that supports OpenPGP 
> (like Kontact/KMail).

Very interesting. I am looking into Proton Mail at the moment, which seems to be offering this exact solution. However, their encryption/decryption takes place by a Java script embedded in the web browser, as far as I can tell. Alternatively, they have a bridge, which works with an email client to do the same. One has access to his/her public key, but not the private key, if I get it right. Therefore, it is imperfect, since 1. one doen't have access to his/her own private key, 2. one cannot sign his/her emails with PGP due to 1.

> A minor downside is that this service is not offered for free (as far as I 
> care), but I gladly pay 1 buck per month for not having to worry about setting 
> up and maintaining my own mail server.

I, too, am willing to pay for improved privacy, rather than dealing with my own email server. Do you mind sharing the name of your compony and some others that you may know? I found, which is based in Norway and seems to offer different levels of service with a reasonable price.

Again, many thanks to all of you for sharing your helpful messages and recepies. 


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