Duplicate Emails again

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Sep 21 09:34:40 BST 2017

ianseeks - 21.09.17, 09:24:
> Out of nowhere, i suddenly get loads of duplicate emails this morning. I've
> not downloaded any PIM updates between yesterday and today.  Is there
> something about a Thursday or 21st Sept making it decide to duplicate?  :)

Well… didn´t you know? It is the special mail appreciation day. :)

Other than that bit of humor I have no actually how to help you currently. I 
just don´t see this mail duplication here. But thats still with 16.04 (as some 
17.08 packages take longer in Debian to proceed through NEW queue).

Good luck in finding a fix for this issue.


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