Goodbye for now, kmail

Kai Bojens kb at
Thu Sep 14 18:14:13 BST 2017

On 09/14/17 19:02, solitone wrote:

> Same story here, unfortunately. Even opening a message in a local
> maildir takes forever sometimes, so I've installed Thunderbird.

Yep, me too. I really tried to give it chance and used KMail as my only
mail client for about four weeks and was disappointed so many times that
I went back to Thunderbird too. I just can't wait ten minutes to resync
the INBOX (~70.000 mails) just because I deleted _one_ mail. But what
really bothers me is KMail's inability to handle the header of my
emails. Just take a look at this bug report I created:

I don't trust an email client which cannot parse the header of an email
without such trouble …

And almost 3/4 of my incoming mails are handled as plain text although
they have an HTML part. It just doesn't show the HTML part and not even
gives me a chance to select it.

Last but not least: white spaces everywhere when I use a dark theme as
documented here:

There are so many show stoppers that KMail is simply unusable which is
very sad because I really _want_ to like it …

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