Kmail 5.4.3: Print wants to use 'WebEngine' via browser

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Thu Sep 7 16:34:35 BST 2017


> Are you telling me you're using QWE to display plain text emails?! You know,
> pine used to display and print my text emails just fine without depending
> on what's basically yet another copy of the Chromium browser...

and pine can display/print HTML messages perfectly, too?

Well we don't only display the messagetext with QWE - also the header 
"From,to,...", signature and encryption frames, that are displayed via QWE. 
That could be displayed differently, but as long as kdepim wants to support 
HTML mails, we don't get rid of a HTML renderer in our case QWE. To use QWE 
for every mail makes it easier to not have different code paths. The approch 
of kube is using QML and QWE only for the HTML part and not having printing 
support so far...
I know it is not ideal, but for rendering one email, the impact is very low. 
You don't need to tell me, that we could do this better. But who is 
implementing it?

Also the switch from QtWebKit -> QWE was done, because Qt marked QtWebKit as 
deprecated in Qt 5.5...

Just to have a better overview:
kube using QWE only for HTML Mails
thunderbird using firefox rendering for mail display
trojita using QtWebKit


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