Kmail 5.4.3: Print wants to use 'WebEngine' via browser

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Sep 6 13:46:58 BST 2017

On Wednesday September 06 2017 12:26:59 Maurice wrote:

>    How does one adjust to get kmail to do the same, as with e.g. Kmail 

I'd hope you don't get this for non-html email, so what happens when you switch to non-html mode and print then?

How does KMail get its html rendering functionality? If via the recent Konqueror5 kpart there may be a possibility to get it to use the khtml backend, which itself may have to be configured via Konqueror5 or systemsettings5.

We had a discussion on the KDevelop ML a while back whether or not the doc viewer should drop QtWebKit for QtWebEnine or just use QTextBrowser. Thankfully the consensus was that perusing html-formatted documentation didn't justify adding such a huge dependency as QWE.

[QWE uses a helper process ... KDE PIM *really* needed to  add yet another helper to the slew of processes it already launches! :-/]


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