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Tue Sep 5 20:33:52 BST 2017

At one point this worked. Now I see that many email clients have issues
with this when Using Gmail. I'm not sure if this is a KMail issue or a
GMail setting.

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2017-09-04 19:16 GMT+03:00 E. Hakan Duran <ehakanduran at>:

> Hi all,
> Is tehre a way to create a folder at IMAP Gmail root? I can create folders
> inside folders like "All Mail", "Sent Mail" etc. but cannot create a
> folder at
> the same level with those using Kmail. I know I can do this using Gmail's
> web
> interface, but just asking to learn if it aslo possible via Kmail.
> Thanks,
> Hakan
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