How to disable Google's akonadi message

Vishnu V K vishnugb at
Sat Sep 2 05:05:54 BST 2017


> Since my update to OpenSUSE 42.3, whenever logging into KDE, a message box
> appears that wants me to sign in to continue to "Akonadi Resources for
> Google Services".

That is because Kmail switched to using the proper OAuth mechanism (only for 
IMAP), as opposed to the legacy per-application password method of accessing 

> But I do not want Google to access any information stored in my Korganizer.
> I only want the plain imap email functionality, no special Google
> functions.

So this isn't anything that allows Google to snoop on your calendar. You can 
go ahead with the procedure. Your SMTP will still be using the old method, so 
don't remove that from your google account settings.

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