[Akregator] Data Loss upon Shutting-down without Quitting

Matthias Müller matth_mueller_hbg at posteo.de
Fri Sep 1 21:59:45 BST 2017

Am Freitag, 1. September 2017, 20:28:44 CEST schrieb Vishnu V K:
> Hi!
> I recently began using Akregator for a couple of web-comics, and thought I
> could use it, before I realised that if I shut-down my machine without
> manually quitting the application, the next time that I open it, it tells me
> that it crashed the last time, and also that the file was corrupted.
> Restoring sets it to subscribe only to the default feeds.
> Is anyone else seeing this? Or is it just me?
Same for me, but no data losses nor loss of my channels. It's a bit annoying 
but no showstopper.
> Vishnu

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