KMail no longer sends mails

Jörg Schaible joerg.schaible at
Fri Oct 13 09:50:14 BST 2017


yesterday out internet access was flaky (going on/off due HW problems) 
and that affected also the connection to our Exchange Server. The 
problems are fixed now, but KMail will not send mails anymore.

KMail's IMAP connection is working as usual, mails are incoming. However, 
any mail sent will stay in the local outbox. I've already deleted and 
recreated the outgoing connection (using SMTP for Exchange), but nothing 
happens. I cannot even delete or display the mails in the local outbox, 
because KMail will no longer respond to anything anymore and I have to 
kill the process.

The behavior does not change after a restart of the computer.

Looking at the maildispatcher with akonadiconsole, the agent claims it is 
idle. Even if I restart this agent, it claims the queue is empty. If I 
select the outbox in the akonadiconsole browser, the app can enumerate 
the items in the outbox. However, if I select one of the items, the 
application is not able to retrieve the payload. The .xsession_error will 
then contain a single line for each of the items:

============== %< =================
org.kde.pim.maildispatcher: Item 14405 has invalid transport.
============== %< =================

Again, it is not possible to delete those items in the akonadiconsole, 

What can I do to get KMail working again?


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