KMail stuck on loading message

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Nov 22 14:45:31 GMT 2017

On Wednesday November 22 2017 09:30:08 Peter Humphrey wrote:

>That sounds like you're using IMAP. I can't use that because my ISP doesn't 
>offer it; I have to use POP, which seems not to be KMail devs' top priority.

For that at least there's an easy fix:
1a- identify the free webmail service that suits you, offers IMAP and fetching of 3rd party POP accounts
1b- install a local IMAP server and an automated tried-and-true POP fetcher locally (I forget the name of the utility but someone here will certainly remember it)
2- configure things to your taste and needs
3- forget about having to use POP.


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