Can't set up IMAP account

Dave Batt davebatt at
Sun Apr 16 15:12:32 BST 2017

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup Kmail, I have a IMAP email account.
Here are the settings my email account requires
I can enter all settings, everything seems OK.
On the Kmail settings advanced tab, I can click “serverside subscriptions” this
lets me see all my folders.
I assume because of this all my settings must be right.

When i go back to Kontact all I can see are “Local Folders” none of my Imap mail
folders or mail are visible.

On the accounts tab in the Kmail settings i can briefly see the account saying
updating folders etc, then ready.
The “ready” soon disappears though. Local folders always says Ready.

I can make my account work in Thunderbird.

I've tried Kontact on Kubuntu 17.04, Neon & Chakra all with the same results,
What am I missing.

Happy to try anything to give you more information or fix


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