Retrieving Folders..

ianseeks bingmybong at
Wed Apr 12 11:41:39 BST 2017


This has more or less gone away but seems to be back for one of my accounts. 
It does eventually do the job but then on opening a second email in the same 
folder it goes into retrieving again.  If you run "Systems Activity" to see if 
anything akonadi is running, there is no CPU activity at all against the 
akonadi processes or mysqldb.
It only seems to have started happening after a recent update to mariadb 
client - maybe totally coincidental.

Anyone else affected?  Maybe i need to delete the akondi files again and let it 


Qt: 5.7.1
KDE Frameworks: 5.32.0
KDE Plasma: 5.9.4
kwin 5.9.4
kmail2 5.4.3
akonadiserver 5.4.3
Kernel:  4.10.8-1-default
Nouveau:  1.0.14_1.1

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