Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu Sep 8 15:22:08 BST 2016

On Thursday 08 September 2016 16:12:15 Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> > Where does korganizer 5.1.3 store its data files? I need to back them up
> > but can't find where they're stored on my hard drive.
> In akonadi, the database.

No. Akonadi's database is just a cache for data that's actually stored in a 
local file/directory or a remote service.

You can determine the location as follows:
* Start akonadiconsole (acknowledge the warning)
* Look for the Calendar (in the list shown on the Agents tab)
* Right-click on the Calendar and select Configure->Configure Natively...
* Check the value after Location

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