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Mon Sep 5 17:26:45 BST 2016


I sent the message as follows something like 3 weeks ago, nobody

I think, I'm having an extremely standard setup - ubuntu client,
owncloud server, CalDAV account. Just I'm using gnome instead of kde.
And a core function does not work. Can really nobody give me any hint
what to do with it?

Still I'm hoping that Kontact has improved and I can come back to it.


16.8.2016, 21:36 +0200 schrieb Wolf Drechsel:
> Hi,
> > > I used to be a Kontact user till last year, was fed up with akonadi
trouble on CalDAV, switched over to evolution - and now I'm fed up
with evolution, especially their mailing list...
> > So I'm giving Kontact another try. Set up an owncloud-based calendar,
everything nicely recognized - but: 
> > > > It only syncs entries back about 3 weeks, and forward something like
2 weeks. Some of the calendars are not synced (or at least displayed)
at all. "Limit CalDAV retrival time range" was unchecked or set to 5
years - no difference.
> What should I do? (don't tell me: stay with evolution...)
> Cheers,
> Wolf 
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